The right accountant slots into your business like the missing piece!

We offer a range of expert skills to meet your business, taxation and personal finance needs, whether you are a start-up or a well-established business.

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Benefit your business by finding the right accountant

In the words of one of our clients - ‘It’s great to know, that at the end of the phone, there’s a professional shoulder to lean on, whatever financial blows are thrown!’ - we think that sums us up nicely!

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Some people say accountants are boring. We say, they haven’t found the right accountant!

Why not come along for an Initial complimentary consultation? This gives you the opportunity to talk through your requirements, see how we might work with you and find out if you like the way we think.

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Non-Domiciled Tax Planning

  • Investing from overseas
  • Letting in the UK but living abroad
  • Coming to live in the UK
  • Non Domiciled Individuals
    • A natural extension of Simon Smith’s work for “Non Doms” has been handling HMRC investigations into the affairs of taxpayers with offshore connections. These arise not only because they have a foreign domicile but because investments have been placed in structures such as offshore settlements and companies. The dedicated offshore fraud investigation departments of HMRC are highly motivated, competent and persistent in the pursuit of individuals they believe guilty of tax evasion. However, quite generous disclosure platforms have evolved and one of the most recent is known as Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF).

    • The LDF is not restricted to those taxpayers starting off with interests in Liechtenstein and careful use and strict adherence to the rules allows a transfer of funds to Liechtenstein which will permit a taxpayer to come within the LDF facility. This means past tax under-declarations in respect of activities in the UK and other jurisdictions can be settled on favourable terms. These include for certain relevant years a maximum 10% penalty (compared with up to 100%) and the right in most cases to have tax liabilities that would have fallen due more than 10 years ago ignored.